About Us

Wholesale and retail of automotive spare parts Gazelakomerc d.o.o.

GAZELAKOMERC d.o.o. a company for foreign and domestic trade is engaged in the import and distribution of car spare parts.

Founded in 1992.

Today GAZELAKOMERC d.o.o. is one of the leaders in the Serbian market in sales of automotive parts and operates with more than 60 world’s most famous brands.

Since 2019, GAZELAKOMERC d.o.o. is a full member of the international group “NEXUS”.

Sales are conducted in 18 business units with a tendency of further expansion of the distribution network.

A professional team of GAZELAKOMERC d.o.o. is dedicated to supply market with the highest quality replacement parts for motor vehicles in order to improve traffic safety and durability of vehicles.

Company Headquarter is located in Zvezdara, where there is a central warehouse, wholesale, retail and service. In addition to the five Belgrade business units which are located in Zemun, Borča, Rakovica, Zvezdara and Banovo brdo, GAZELAKOMERC d.o.o. has sales offices in Novi Sad, Veternik, Zrenjanin, Čačak, Šabac, Niš, Pančevo, Valjevo, Jagodina, Zaječar, Požarevac, Kruševac and Pirot.