We offer you a wide range of professional tools and equipment from KS Tools manufacturer from Germany.

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The KS Tools Werkzeuge – Maschinen GmbH is a leading international provider of tools and workshop installations. The company, founded in 1992, with its head office in Heusenstamm and the nine worldwide places of business, occupies currently more than 320 employee. KS Tools is characterized by high quality products, continuous innovations, attractive price performance ratio as well as high flexibility.
Through networking of our high-bay warehouses in Germany and France, high service quality and delivery is ensured. By the certification of the management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001, KS Tools underlines beyond its claim to improve the service continuously.

In 1992 the company started with a range of about 30 items and forced up to 5,000 at the time of millenium. Today there are more than 23,000 items of various kinds at the currently reenlarged central warehouse – beginning with hammers and chisels on a variety of spanners and socket-sets up to special tools for cars, heating and plumbing, HVCA and industry. In addition, workshop equipment, storage systems and problem-solving approaches are available to complete the full range of property.